3amohom (Arabic)


18TBC More Info
  • Comedy
  • 21 Jul, 2022
  • 1h 30m

Lead cast

  • Bassem Samra, Huda Al Mufti, Mohamed Emam, Mohamed Salam, Muhammad Anwar, Muhammad Lutf, Riyadh Al Khouli,, Sayed Ragab



The events of the film revolve around Sultan Mohamed Emam, "who is a boxer and sports coach" and in a romantic relationship with Ghalia, "Huda Al-Mufti", who works with his friend Saeed "Mohamed Salam" in a sports center. They are led by chance to save the life of Hajj "Sayed Ragab" and then they discover with the pilgrim a printing press for counterfeiting the dollar in Egypt. These events revolve within the framework of an comedy action

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