Cat & Dog


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  • Adventure
  • 08 Aug, 2024
  • 1h 30m

Lead cast

  • Franck Dubosc ., Philippe Lacheau ., Reem Kherici .



MONICA is the owner of DIVA, a famous cat and Internet star. JACK is a thief whose latest heist, an enormous ruby of priceless value, has unfortunately been swallowed by a stray dog named CHICHI. Through a series of coincidences, Monica and Jack find themselves separated from their animals and watch helplessly as they escape to an unknown destination... Thus begins a wild road trip between Montreal and New York for the two pairs who couldn't be more different. On one side, the humans who have lost track of their precious animals, and on the other, the animals left to fend for themselves to find their masters...unaware that hot on their trail is the policeman BRANDT, ready to do anything to recover the ruby.

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