Umro Ayyar : A New Beginning (Urdu)


PG15 More Info
  • Action
  • 14 Jun, 2024
  • 2h 5m

Lead cast

  • Ali Kazmi ., Faran Tahir ., Sana Nawaz ., Sanam Saeed ., Usman Mukhtar .


  • Azfar Jafri


Amar, Descendant Of The Legendary Umro Ayyar, A Cunning Warrior Of Persian Folklore, Is A Quantum Mechanics Professor In Pakistan. Surviving A Jinn Attack, His Third Eye Opens, Revealing The Hidden Energy Matrix Interwoven With Humanity And Jinn. Intrigued, He Seeks The True Nature Of Energy, Blending Ancient Wisdom With Modern Science. As He Navigates This Dual Reality, He Discovers His Lineage's Profound Responsibility In Maintaining Balance. With Wit Inherited From Umro Ayyar, He Ventures Into A Realm Where Fable Meets Reality, Determined To Unravel Mysteries That Transcend Time And Space.